Track Busway

Computer Room Uptime offers the MaxTrax electrical and power distribution track busway. MaxTrax is a modular, build-as-you-need, overhead, high density, electrical distribution system that is designed and rated to meet and exceed the rigorous reliability demands and thermal requirements of mission critical facilities. Track busway eliminates distribution panels associated with traditional systems, so changes and additions can be easily made without shutting off power. Plug-in receptacle modules snap easily into the busway, eliminating confusing jungles of wires and cables.

  • Power
    40, 60, and 100 amp models
    208V single or three phase
    480V three phase
  • Plug-in Options
    Drop Cords
    Circuit Breaker
  • Flexibility
    Plug-in modules can be replaced, added or relocated in a matter of seconds without power interruption
  • Lower Cost
    Eliminates panel boards, long runs of conduit and wire, and expensive installation costs
  • Reliability
    The simple turn-n-lock plug-in modules provide a secure “compression fit” connection to the busbar
  • Modularity
    Modular design allows you to easily expand your electrical distribution in the future, and saves valuable capital until expansions are absolutely needed
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