Site Monitoring

Computer Room Uptime offers site monitoring systems to keep your IT equipment operating 24/7/365. Monitoring solutions provide you with real time information on the conditions inside your computer room regardless of their location, and prevents disasters with early warning detection of harmful conditions inside your computer room.

Room Entry

As computer rooms push the envelope with high density equipment, your reaction time to correct harmful conditions (i.e. high temperatures, insufficient power, etc…) has been shortened to minutes before the network will go down, compared to hours the industry knew a few years ago. In addition to monitoring systems, Computer Room Uptime offers a customized contingency plan to prevent IT hardware damage and maximize uptime if a problem ever arises at your facility. Plans include detailed procedures in a worst case scenario to provide your company with the peace of mind that your network is safe:
  • Monitoring system automatically shuts down non-essential equipment, transfer processing, start or stop applications
  • Monitoring system automatically turns on back up air conditioners or auxiliary fans when user-defined temperature thresholds are met
  • Alarm email sent to appropriate internal personnel
  • Alarm email sent to Computer Room Uptime to provide emergency a/c rentals when enrolled in Monitoring – A/C Rental Program
  • Procedures for IT and facility personnel to resolve the problem
Automatic responses can be performed within seconds, and eliminates human errors to ensure the correct action every time. It may even have been human error that caused the contingency plan to start in the first place?