Cooling Systems

Maintaining proper inlet temperatures for IT equipment is imperative for ensuring the reliability of your network. All IT equipment produces heat, and as a result most computer rooms will need a dedicated air conditioner to keep their IT equipment cool year round. Computer Room Uptime offers a holistic approach to solving your computer room heat problems, and using large data centers methodologies. Every computer room is unique. Therefore all facets impacting the environment must be closely analyzed and considered to provide you with the most efficient and cost effective cooling solution:

• Room size and shape
• Heat load/Computer equipment
• Airflow dynamics inside the room
• Building construction
• Room location inside the building
• Entry access to the room
• Geographical location of building

All cooling solutions need to start with a quality precision IT air conditioner. We specify air conditioners from proven manufacturers that will provide years and years of reliable cooling. Our experience has shown that portable air conditioners, ceiling mount air conditioners and in row air conditioners are best suited for the small to medium sized computer rooms.

Computer Room Uptime offers customizable cooling solutions for computer room applications where standard off-the-shelf air conditioners would not work. We strive to create a high efficient “green” cooling solution that will lower operating costs.

For ultra high efficient/low cost data center cooling, Computer Room Uptime offers the Coolerado cooler that can reduce energy costs by 90%. The Coolerado cooler is an indirect evaporative cooler that excels in the southwest region of the United States where the humidity levels are low.