Computer Room Design

Our team at Computer Room Uptime are experts in the design of high-availability computer rooms. We offer infrastructure solutions found in large data centers, but are modified to meet the budget and physical space of a small/medium sized computer room. We can design new computer rooms or retrofit existing rooms.

Computer Room Uptime will design and configure what you need to attain optimal cooling, power, site monitoring, and cabinets/racks. Professional drawings of the room are created to document the correct layout, and to better track the inventory of equipment inside the room for future expansion. We analyze airflow dynamics and design your computer room accordingly. This will provide you with the information you need to expand your computer room safely and without interruption.

Computer Room Uptime offers custom solutions to bridge the gap making certain off-the-shelf products functional in your application/environment. We design and manufacture customized components as small as an adapter plate, or as large as a custom computer cabinet. Our engineering team consists of talented development engineers with decades of electronic cooling experience. We work closely with our customers to solve their unique application problems.