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Portable Spot Cooling Units

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Computer Room Uptime has a rental fleet of portable air conditioners that range in size from 10,000 Btu/hr to 60,000 Btu/hr. Our rental units are designed for easy installation, and will quickly cool your overheated computer room within minutes. All of our rental units are designed to fit into tight spaces with the capability to adapt to almost any building environment. The flexibility of our portable air conditioners is great for all your temporary cooling needs:


IT Environments
When the primary air conditioner goes down due to component failure or planned maintenance in your computer room, temporary portable air conditioning rentals are the only way to keep your computer room cool and your network up. Supplemental cooling with portable air conditioning rentals during the hot summer months is also a great way to keep your network cool. Renting portable air conditioners from Computer Room Uptime during the hot summer months allow you to delay a costly capital expense to a later date.
Industrial applications such as warehouses, factories, assembly lines and manufacturing plants are especially susceptible to high-heat environments that can benefit from portable air conditioning rentals. Computer Room Uptime’s rentals protect equipment, processes, and employees from the damaging and costly consequences of excessive heat.
Excessive heat can make students and employees less productive and extremely uncomfortable. It can also be detrimental to computers, servers and other critical office equipment. As a cost-effective alternative to central air conditioning, Computer Room Uptime’s portable air conditioners brings relief to the places you need it most - when you need it.
Health Care
New and improved health care technologies have resulted in an increase in heat-generating medical equipment. Computer Room Uptime’s rentals helps keep equipment and practices up and running by providing necessary spot cooling relief. Whether used to temporarily cool various health care facilities or to provide supplemental air conditioning in applications such as labs, MRI rooms and imaging centers, our portable air conditioning rentals ensure that employees, patients and medical equipment all remain properly cooled.
The compact, easy-to-move portable air conditioning rentals from Computer Room Uptime make them an ideal solution for special events and outdoor uses. Use our rentals to provide air conditioning relief for guests and attendees during outdoor parties, street fairs, sporting events, festivals, weddings and receptions, concerts and other venues.
Experience You Can Trust
Computer Room Uptime has 15 years of experience designing and installing portable air conditioners. You can count on us to deliver the right amount of cooling for your specific application. Our rental units are available by the day, week, or month. We will deliver and professionally set up the portable air conditioners at your location, and give your personnel a short training on operating procedures. When your computer room temperatures climb into the 90’s, turn to Computer Room Uptime for 24/7 emergency cooling to prevent your servers from crashing.
Critical Rental Information
Before giving us a call, make sure you have some critical information readily available to help us determine what size of an air conditioner you will need:
  • Room Size
  • Amount of Equipment Inside Room
  • Number of People to be Cooled
Large Delivery Area
Computer Room Uptime is conveniently located in Broomfield to serve businesses throughout the Front Range and beyond. We deliver and install portable air conditioners within minutes to nearby cities.
  • Denver
  • Boulder
  • Denver Tech Center
  • Fort Collins
  • Highlands Ranch
  • Colorado Springs
  • Golden
  • Englewood