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Regardless of what industry or public sector your organization is in, odds are that your computer room is one of your most valuable assets. Many diverse companies and public sector agencies trust Computer Room Uptime to improve the resiliency of their most mission-critical assets.

Let us turn your computer room into an efficient and reliable “mini data center,” allowing you to save money and time while focusing on your business.

UPTIME is the measure of time a computer network has been functioning or available for use.

We specialize in computer and server room cooling solutions including portable A/C units, backup power supplies, computer room fire suppression, server racks and site monitoring.

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Temporary Spot Cooling for Convenience Stores

July 23, 2014
Temperatures have been soaring this week into the upper 90s all around Colorado.  As a result, building air conditioners can be stressed and fail very quickly.  It’s critical that convenience and retail stores offer a nice cool environment for their customers and employees.  During the summer people expect to get a break from the heat read more»

Spot Cooler Denver Rentals – Computer Rooms

July 23, 2013
During the summer computer rooms may need extra cooling to keep up with the hot temperatures outside.  Small server rooms bring an added layer of complexity to cooling most offices because of their high heat load located in a small confined space.  Renting portable spot coolers from Computer Room Uptime is an excellent way to read more»

Replacing The Building Air Conditioner? Use Portable A/C Rentals – Boulder, Colorado

May 19, 2014
It’s spring and days are getting longer and the weather is warming up.  Buildings owners are preparing for hot summer temperatures that are right around the corner.  A critical preparation for summer is to have air conditioning technicians performing necessary maintenance on large rooftop air conditioners to get them in optimal working conditions.  This means read more»

Portable Spot Air Conditioners – Industrial Applications / Flight Simulator

August 20, 2013
Portable spot air conditioners are a great cooling solution for various industrial heat problems.  Oftentimes industrial facilities are large warehouses that consist of harsh conditions in terms of heat, dirt, oil and/or chemicals.  These obstacles to traditional cooling make portable spot coolers the ideal economical choice for many applications.  The consequences of not adequately cooling read more»

Portable Air Conditioning Rentals Save the Day for High Tech Company

July 5, 2016
When a company experiences rapid growth, there are always some “pains” that come along with it.  Growth often consists of adding more heat generating IT equipment to small server rooms.  Adding more cooling to this already cramped space is essential to keep the system running optimally, and is often overlooked.  All the hard work and read more»
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