Portable Air Conditioning at Assisted Living Facilities

The days are heating up here in Colorado and that means so are our homes. Many of us are fortunate to have a central air conditioning system in our homes, but what would you do if your air conditioner stopped working when the outside temperatures soared into the 90s or even the 100s?  You would immediately call an air conditioning technician to fix or replace your air conditioner.  It might take a few days or even a week to get the necessary parts needed to schedule the fix or replacement unit to be installed.  Especially if it is HOT, technicians get really busy and it’s hard to get an appointment.  Your family would gut it out, and be miserable for a week with the windows open and fans blasting.  You might even spend most of the day at the mall, movie theaters, or stay at a local hotel.


Now what would happen if the central air conditioner for a skilled nursing facility and assisted living facility failed?  Not only can this be uncomfortable but it poses a serious health threat to elderly people.  The residents can’t gut it out like your family and deal with the heat, or stay somewhere else for the week while it gets fixed.  Renting spot coolers or portable air conditioners are a great temporary cooling solution for your facility.


According to an Oxford Journal article the authors report:

The increased risk of death associated with ambient health affects mainly old and very old people.
Furthermore, an association between morbidity and heat-related mortality is well established [1].
Residents of nursing homes reveal both risk factors to a great extent and represent, therefore, a
highly relevant subgroup when evaluating heat-related mortality in the population. Furthermore,
residents of nursing homes could be an important population for public health interventions since
measures like emergency information systems or air condition supply could be easily applied in this setting.


With this in mind most states require that the temperature remain between 71 °F and 81 °F in a skilled nursing facility or assisted living facility. If temperatures are determined to be above that the Department of Health is required to take action. This can be very costly and very stressful for residents and employees alike.  The fines and loss of revenue that are associated with shutting down a facility is significant!


Renting a portable air conditioner from Computer Room Uptime to avoid these problems is an easy and efficient solution. We offer same day delivery and installation. During the call we can assess all your cooling needs and provide the right amount of cooling to keep your facility running smoothly.


Even if you do not have immediate cooling needs it is wise to establish a heat emergency action plan. Our contact information, Computer Room Uptime 303-908-8043, should be at the top of the list. We will help you create a comprehensive series of cooling measures to be taken to protect residents from the effects of excessively high temperatures.


Experience You Can Trust


Computer Room Uptime sells and rents a wide variety of portable spot air conditioners to many different industries:  IT environments, Industrial / Construction, Offices / Schools, Health Care and Special Events.  Our air conditioners are extremely easy to install, and will adapt to almost any environment.  Computer Room Uptime will work with you on engineering the best cooling solution for your application at a fraction of the cost compared to other air conditioners.  We have over 20 years of experience designing and installing portable air conditioners.


Computer Room Uptime is ready for all your temporary cooling needs throughout the state of Colorado and Wyoming.  We have a large rental fleet of portable air conditioners, and offer same day delivery to your Front Range (Denver, Centennial, Superior, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins) location from our Denver warehouse.  Please call Computer Room Uptime at 303-908-8043 for your next portable air conditioning rental.


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